Anja Grote-Lutter / CCO

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Anja Grote-Lutter

In June 2015 Anja Grote-Lutter joined CEO Joachim Fischer and COO Leontien van der Vlist in the agency management team. As an expert for communication and optimized processes, she knows what it means to drive and accelerate development. As a trained specialist in brand management, she began her career in strategic marketing for Aral/BP. In managements position for years, she continued on her path forward in the field of brand management and corporate communication. In her most recent position as managing director at Gramm, an agency of Grey Global in Düsseldorf, she was in charge of new customer acquisition and building up new business processes. Before that position she was business director of the Frankfurt Young & Rubicam office and lead the client service as well as new business activities. In her current role as Chief Commercial Officer at Kontrast Anja is responsible for Finance and Controlling, Business Development, PR and New Business.