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Kontrast wins German Design Award for Keuco masterpiece

Düsseldorf, 23 October 2017. With a stroke of genius for client Keuco, Kontrast has won the German Design Award 2018. This is one of the most important international prizes in the design landscape. The agency was awarded for the Excellent Communications Design criteria as winner in the award category “Books and Calendars”.


The German Design Award is bestowed by the German Design Council every year to innovative products and projects, manufacturers and designers. Initiated in 2012, this award is among the most widely recognized design competitions in the world and is held in high regard, even beyond the confines of the industry. An international jury of top-notch experts discovers entries that are outstanding trendsetters in both the German and the international design landscape, and showcases these unique design trends.


For the 2018 awards, in the Excellent Communications Design criteria, Kontrast was nominated for a total of three award categories: “Books and Calendars”, “Editorial and Posters” and “Cards and Photography”. The nomination was for a coffee table book for “Edition Lignatur”, the luxurious range of bathroom furnishings launched by Keuco in cooperation with Team 7, an Austrian maker of fine furniture made of natural wood. This extremely high-quality brochure had already been awarded the prize of the German Designer Club as well as the Berliner Type Award.


As the German Design Council has just announced, Kontrast is the winner in the “Books and Calendars” category. In the judging of German brands and designs the vote was for “a book that is based on the same DNA as the product it portrays; it is the perfect combination of sense and sensuality. At first glance it seduces the reader with product presentations in timeless, beautiful pictures as well as the exclusive haptic feel of the uncoated paper. A second glance reveals the sense of the convincing descriptions that provide details about the furniture.”


The results of the competition were released last Friday; the award itself will be presented at the consumer goods trade fair Ambiente in February 2018.

You can find more information on the award and the German Design Award here.

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