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Cognitive content marketing: When artificial intelligence generates and distributes content

About Kontrast Communication Services

Kontrast Communication Services is a solution agency. Founded in 1991, today with more than 150 employees, they offer all the options, methods and tools for transforming business challenges into outstanding, customized communication and technology solutions. Kontrast develops and implements innovative ideas, fresh perspectives and new agile processes for companies from various sectors. The strategic consulting and executing agency helps on an internal and external level to best exploit potential, maximize it and turn into measurable success. Their service portfolio ranges from the analysis and derivation of measures to creative and technological implementation of solution approaches up to taking over entire processes and department tasks. Among their notable clients are, among others, the AOK, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson, OBI and Vodafone.


About AX Semantics

AX Semantics is one of the leading companies for automated text generation (Natural Language Generation, NLG) worldwide. The medium-sized company combines years of journalistic and publishing experience with an innovative technology. With their in-house developed programming language ATML3 (Automated Text Markup Language), AX Semantics is the first provider to enable clients to independently train the artificial intelligence of the text bot for generating customized texts for their own purposes. Whether search engine-optimized product texts, business reports, sporting reports, weather or traffic reports – the areas of application for automated text generation are extremely versatile. The software currently generates texts in 18 languages, among them Chinese. More information and testing environments are available at


About Textbroker

Textbroker has been the pioneer among content providers since 2005. With headquarters in Mainz and subsidiaries in New York and Las Vegas, the young company offers professional SEO content and editorial texts in accordance with client requirements. Thousands of registered authors and customers all over the world process more than 100,000 text orders every month via this platform. Clients can have their texts written by native speakers in 15 languages or have them translated into every language in the world. Textbroker’s clients include publicly listed global leaders, SEO agencies, shop owners, travel portals, social media communities, publishing houses and webmasters.

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AX Semantics, Kontrast and Textbroker team up to present AI-based holistic content strategies 

Stuttgart, 14 March 2017. Artificial intelligence is the hot topic at CeBIT 2017. The use of artificial intelligence is currently being debated in many areas. Just how this works in practice will be shown by the AX Semantics team, together with Kontrast Communication Services and Textbroker. In the Digital Marketing Arena, a conference of CeBIT, the technology leaders and their partners will present the latest developments in automated copywriting: new concepts for the automated generation and distribution of multi-lingual content across marketing channels. Kontrast will present “spheer”, a solution that will in future enable humans and machines to work hand in hand to link content management, natural language generation and digital asset management. Together with Textbroker, the team of experts from Stuttgart will also showcase their holistic content services.

For nearly two years now AX Semantics text robots have been at work in online shops, the media and on business intelligence platforms. These text-bots are trained by humans to render information from various databases and render it into customized, high-quality texts in various formats. They are also a significant element of “spheer”, the cognitive content management solution developed by Düsseldorf-based full-service agency Kontrast, which to a great extent automates and customizes marketing processes.

Significantly higher efficiency: centralized organization not fragmented solutions

“spheer” is designed to put an end to the fragmented infrastructures and stand-alone solutions in digital marketing which are currently used by large companies in particular. The solution combines the possibilities and competencies of content management, text generation and management and distribution of marketing assets such as images and visuals. Cognitive content marketing not only includes the entire centralization and automation of contents on complex, multi-lingual websites. Self-learning artificial intelligence also analyses the performance of individual contents in the background. This way, individually delivered content can be continually customized and optimized.

“With this solution we focus primarily on companies with complex and comprehensive websites, where the organization of content and identification of optimization potentials are a big part of online marketing”, Joachim Fischer, CEO of Kontrast outlines the most important target group of the new solution. “spheer makes the dream of a scalable and fully automated website come true. In our opinion, this is where the future of content management lies.”

Despite the high degree of automation, some types of content must still be generated manually. Textbroker, a genuine pioneer among content providers, is taking advantage of the CeBIT technology fair to showcase their new holistic content approach. Thousands of authors with a wide range of expertise from all over the world are registered at this content marketplace, writing high-quality editorial texts in accordance with customer specifications. With the technological competence of AX Semantics, Textbroker have expanded their range of services to become a hybrid content provider – for clients that include globally leading companies listed on the stock exchange.

“Versatile, high-quality content is the most important prerequisite for being found in the internet”, says Textbroker manager Jochen Mebus. “It’s not just enough to have a good blog or merely describe your products on a website. The key is in right mix, which is based on a target group-specific content strategy and continuously measured and adjusted when necessary.”

With their service and product portfolios, Textbroker and AX Semantics cover the conceptional side as well as all variations in content production: from automated content to high-quality editorial copy. They will take advantage of the CeBIT in Hannover to present their holistic approach for the first time.


Presentations and panels at the Digital Marketing Arena:


Tuesday, 21.3.2017

14:10 Expert panel: Context & Data Quality – the Editorial Challenges for Success in E-Commerce, with Jochen Mebus, General Manager Europe & Brazil Textbroker


Wednesday, 22.3.2017

11:00 Expert presentation: The Optimization of Content Editing, Rüdiger Pläster, Director Customer Solutions Kontrast Communication Services
11:20 Elevator pitch: Next-Generation Content Management, Jochen Mebus, General Manager Europe & Brazil Textbroker

11:30 Expert panel: Smart Content & & Editorial Automation, Saim Rolf Alkan Managing Director AX Semantics


Thursday, 23.3.2017

11:50 Expert panel: Landing Pages versus Personalized Content Platforms, Philipp Renger, Marketing & PR Manager AX Semantics

13:00 Expert panel: Content Marketing – Strategically Organized. Principles and Success Factors, Rüdiger Pläster Director, Customer Solutions Kontrast Communication Services

17:30 Discussion: Ready for Intelligent & Automated Marketing, Philipp Renger, Marketing & PR Manager AX Semantics







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