Our partner

twnkls augmented reality

Our partner for augmented reality (AR) is twnkls augmented reality, with headquarters in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

With AR the real-world environment is enhanced with virtual objects; reality is enriched (supplemented) with input such as information, graphics, videos, animations or even entire games. Due to the huge popularity of high-performance mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, AR and realtime 3D visualization of content today play an important role in linking online and offline worlds, a trend that will continue in the future.

Together with twnkls we have already realized a number of successful AR projects, for example, for product relaunches and expanded trade advertising for our clients Vodafone and OBI. Kontrast develops the ideas and concepts, creates the 3D content and accompanying communication, and twnkls is responsible for the programming and AR technology.


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