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Hardly any other discipline in the field of brand communication has gained as much significance in the past few years as shopper marketing. Over 70 percent of all purchasing decisions for packaged goods are made at the PoS, and this trend is on the rise. Shopper behaviour is dominated by new multi-channel shopping – with everything from brick & mortar stores and online shops to mobile commerce and modern mail ordering.


If a brand is to be successful at the POS today and down the line, comprehensive specialist knowledge is imperative. And it all starts with shopper/consumer and retail insights. The spotlight here is on shoppers and their individual needs. Goschfriends combines this fact with expert knowledge of the German retail trade and a wealth of experience from the branded goods industry.

Goschfriends focuses on the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, serving primarily clients with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The main services of Goschfriends include: shopper marketing, POS & co-marketing, new channel marketing, cooperation marketing and sales consulting. Working hand-in-hand with the specialists at Goschfriends enables Kontrast to offer everything from classical advertising and digital marketing to shopper marketing – all from a single source. 


Kontrast Communication Services GmbH holds a majority stake in Goschfriends.



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