the future of content

Grafik Broschuere W


Many companies are facing the same problem: they have no relevant copy and images available or not centrally available for their various channels. Often there is no uniform infrastructure and the various programs they use can only serve as isolated solutions – without any communication to other platforms. This usually leads to significantly higher expenses for having customized content manually prepared, distributed and monitored using numerous tools and services.


For companies with complex structures and extensive content marketing, “spheer” represents a centralized solution for the creation, organization, distribution and monitoring of their content.
The product combines the features of a content management system and the organization skills of an asset management tool with an intelligent cognitive engine. This makes the system capable of generating relevant content anytime and publishing it directly across channels.


With its new product “spheer”, Kontrast presents an innovative cognitive content marketing solution that enables fully centralized and automated content generation across channels and on numerous platforms.
In this way, “spheer” solves the existing problems of fragmented infrastructures and isolated solutions in digital marketing, consequently boosting efficiency and productivity by minimizing manual work steps and automatically generating relevant content.

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