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Waste is not the wurst.

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Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Köln (AWB) is responsible, among others, for keeping the many parks clean in the Cathedral City. This is always a bigger challenge when summer temperatures lure hoards of picnic fans to the outdoors. Such a weekend can leave behind an average of 20 tons of additional rubbish. AWB commissions Kontrast to develop a campaign to help motivate the public, in this case primilary young people, to properly dispose of their garbage in cooperation with the AWB Grill Scouts, whom they already know.


We develop a live campaign with signage, give-aways, stickers with QR codes for digital networking, staff branding as well as an eye-catching garbage net that visualizes the waste problem in an easy-to-understand way. In addition to this we conceptualize and program a join-in microsite with links to Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to the responsive design, the Grill Scouts are able to approach kids who are grilling in the park and demonstrate the microsite on their iPads.


The situation following the first few weekends is generally positive. The campaign with its fun and saucy slogans is well-received by the kids and they show the Grill Scouts a high level of willingness to help by disposing of their waste properly in the future.