Beneficial 360° campaign.

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The market for national health insurance companies is undergoing changes. In the competition for new members, AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, the second-largest branch in Germany, positions itself with a range of special services and benefits. As the longstanding creative agency for the “Gesundheitskasse” we are assigned the task of developing an integrated one-year campaign which is to communicate the diversified AOK benefits with clear communication and great impact.


Special benefits deserve special terminology: We put original words in the mouths of our testimonials, which lends a teaser effect to the quotes. The bright AOK green background provides a visual eye-catcher. We also transport the concept of the benefit campaign to the out-of-home media, the website, radio spots, videos and literature.


The benefit campaign achieves widespread reach, especially thanks to the radio ads and the 18/1 posters, which are placed at all major transport routes of the catchment area. AOK Rheinland/Hamburg communicates their benefits in great detail. Existing members are reinforced in their decision in favour of the health insurance company and numerous new members can be won.