Johnson & Johnson

The sister of the heart explains.


Johnson & Johnson’s o.b.® and CAREFREE® are two of the best-known brands among feminine hygiene products. The company decides to launch a sex-ed campaign for the target group of young girls between the ages 9 and 13. The aim is to lessen their inhibitions about the topic of sex and strengthen brand loyalty at the same time. Kontrast is in charge of the conception of a communication campaign, including finding a name and developing a logo, as well as creation of a brochure.


On their way to becoming young women, many girls wish for an older sister they can talk to openly about their changing bodies. So we give them each a “Heart Sister”, a confidante who will help them through the stormy years known as puberty.
We develop a design for the campaign, illustrations and animations for integrating on the Heart Sister website and produce the requested sex-ed brochure.


The advertising media is met with overwhelming approval among the target group. The website is used as a welcome platform for information and advice, as is the brochure.
Johnson & Johnson achieves the goal of supporting girls and young women by offering useful advice, at the same time generating empathy for the o.b.® and CAREFREE® brands.