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When the ban on the substance “Grillin” was announced our international client Symrise had the idea of approaching existing and potential customers right where they stand. The task is to straight-out communicate Symrise’s ability to offer unique and effective alternatives to the “banned substance”. At the same time, attention should be drawn to the fact that Symrise can create complex culinary flavours with an authentic grill taste without using “Grillin” - by using natural flavour components instead.
The goal was to boldly lead the way as a pioneer by drawing attention to the issue.


In line with the motto “Excuse the beef. It is looking for a new grill flavor.”, developed by Kontrast Communication, existing and potential Symrise customers are informed about the ban on “Grillin” in a charming way. The focus here lies clearly on the end product: Our motto is placed where the burger patty would normally be.
A fact sheet developed for this purpose contains all the important information on the new EU regulations, flavour options and Symrise solutions. In order to widen the reach of communication as much as possible, Kontrast Communication also designed and implemented online banners, native ads and e-shots.


Symrise had already received enthusiastic feedback during the campaign – both from its own ranks and from external stakeholders. The bold campaign was received so well in the market that imitators quickly followed. This way, Symrise once again strengthened its image as an innovative, future-oriented company that literally “thinks outside the box”.