Spotlight on a world champion.


Aside from major international sponsoring – for example in Formula 1 racing – Santander seeks to promote young athletic talent at a local level. The bankers at German headquarters in Mönchengladbach are the main youth sponsors for the Borussia premier league. Santander commissions Kontrast with the development of a stadium trailer, which is to be played at all home matches.


Kontrast creates a film in which Borussia’s vice president Rainer Bonhof plays a supporting role alongside the true beneficiaries of the sponsoring project, namely the players of the U6 to U19 squads. After all, such dedication to youth sponsoring is worth showing. Together with director Dino Fetzer, we produce the image film in the Mönchengladbach stadium.


The stadium trailer becomes an integral part of the program at all home games of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Both the young athletes and the topic of youth sponsoring are given a high-visibility platform.

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