Seek and ye shall fabric.



Alongside other business activities, Schmitz-Werke in Emsdetten is a pioneer in the area of outdoor awnings with their markilux product line. So naturally their internet presentation should be just as innovative as the awnings themselves. Kontrast is commissioned with the development of a web application that will enable potential customers to find the perfect awning fabric for their homes: Using uploaded photos of their own houses they can try out all the company’s awning fabrics online.


The challenge is to create an interface that can be used intuitively. This interface will make it easy for users to create a proportional scale of the awning design as well as a realistic-looking perspective view. We design a concept and implement the awning fabric finder that helps the user with just a few clicks.


The application is met with positive feedback, as substantiated by the numerous photo uploads. Schmitz-Werke succeeds in achieving higher awareness for its wide diversity of products. The customers are happy about the real added value and are motivated to take a closer look at the brand and the products. Those with purchase intentions are directed to the right address via the integrated local store finder.