Refresh Corporate Design

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Mockup Whitepaper censhare


Censhare is a software company with headquarters in Munich, Germany. With its universal content management platform, censhare enables customers to design content and customer experiences for all channels by automating content and processes in a centralized way.

Within the scope of the new market positioning we supported the brand positioning and refreshing of the corporate design, thereby optimizing brand perception.


Revision of the corporate design lends the brand a professional, modern and customer-centric appearance, with a fresh new look and clear design. This includes standardization of the various logo versions, development of a new core design element and revision of the business stationery, a range of print material for marketing and sales purposes as well as integration of the new design in online media.
The new brochure design makes it possible to communicate particularly technical content and the benefits of the software platform in a more appealing and clear way.


The new look is a good fit for the company; it is well received and is met with positive market response. Having all communication media in one coherent style facilitates brand recognition for both customers and employees and significantly improves brand perception. In addition, the clear design provides an optimum layout for the product portfolio.