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Vodafone wants its assorted distribution channels to have more freedom in the development of individual advertising materials. At the same time, the goal is to achieve a uniform look and increased cost efficiency.
Vodafone's head office in Düsseldorf commissioned Kontrast with the development and support of an efficient online tool, the Vodafone Online Toolbox.
This tool encompasses templates for various advertising tools – standard advertising tools for personalizing the respective shop as well as seasonal, event-related and local templates – plus an efficient media planner, images relating to current Vodafone hardware, legal texts, user databases etc.
Thanks to the Online Toolbox, all Vodafone subsidiaries and partner agencies are able to design their marketing strategies individually, quickly, cost-efficiently and in keeping with legal regulations.


Development of an entirely new application that enables individual advertising tools to be created and customized. Interfaces to printshops and media providers make it possible to create and distribute designs and print jobs straight from the application. An image data warehouse with integrated licence management prevents any problems arising with picture rights. A database of legal texts automatically delivers the necessary footnotes for all offers, ensuring a solid legal footing for the advertising instruments. The interface of OTB 2.0 – the most current version of our tool, launched in June 2015 – is based on the latest technical standards.
An optimized search function for keywords enables the desired products to be found quickly and easily. The extended content, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of the partner, enables Vodafone partner agencies to promptly find advertising tools outside the initial data supply of Vodafone head office.


An experience world for frequency-boosting communication measures paired with state-of-the-art technology.
The Vodafone subsidiaries and partner agencies like the flexible tool and use it often, as evidenced by thousands of log-ins every month. Sales and frequency in the shops can be increased according to plan: with the help of an event calendar of seasonal, attention-grabbing promotions for local marketing, the partners can plan their advertising at all times throughout the year. Regional promotions and local occasions, which can be implemented as required, generate proximity to the customer. Lots of specials, which are always popular and provide support all year round, additionally boost shop frequency for the partners and guarantee consistency for the Vodafone brand image.