Koehler Paper Group

New look for the paper of the future

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The Koehler Paper Group can look back on over 210 years of company history and is one of the major German companies in the paper industry.

With thermal papers, carbonless papers, coloured recycled cartons and much more, the company has made it to the world leaders position. And it continues to invest. Thus a new plant and a production division for sustainable and innovative packaging solutions made of paper are created. The vision: to develop papers with barrier properties as an alternative to plastics.

Our primary task was to provide communicative support for the new division's entry into this market.


We support the naming process, development of the brand positioning, vision and mission and created a complete brand identity for the new division including colour scheme, visual language, business stationery, print and digital presence in an eye-catching design.
Based on its strong history and family tradition, Koehler is an innovative company with the goal of facing global challenges: The key visual shows that paper can pack far more than we previously thought and that it is a strong alternative to plastic packaging.


The market has been entered and Koehler is generating a lot of attention with his appearance. "Kontrast has sustainably succeeded in ensuring that our customers perceive not only Koehler as a whole, but above all our newest production division as a strong brand. Our product portfolio is communicated convincingly and our employees are also fully committed to the vision," says Christoph Müller-Stoffels, Head of Marketing and Communications at Koehler Paper Group.