Mortgage goes Movie.



For the umbrella campaign in the second quarter of 2016, Santander Bank places its bets on its competence in mortgages and construction loans. For end customers who want to become homeowners, two basic factors are important: favourable conditions and competent, personalized consulting. They get both in every Santander branch. And both must also be emphasized in the campaign. With posters, stand-up displays and folders in the branch, mail-shots for regular customers as well as online display placements and a microsite – including a wonderful explanatory film.


To highlight the features of the Santander construction financing, Kontrast developed a key message that comes across as a matter of course while focussing on the actual goal of the customer: “Because you don’t finance your dream just any way.” Consequently, to explain to the customer just how mortgages and construction loans are handled at Santander Bank, we created an info film that leaves virtually no question unanswered in its 3.30 minutes and – thanks to a narrative on two beautifully-illustrated levels – leaves no room for boredom.


Embedded in the other campaign assets, which have also been developed and implemented by Kontrast, the explanatory film is especially convincing to first-time home buyers. We demonstrate how, with a balanced mix of information and entertainment, it’s also possible to present difficult subjects in an agreeable way. The film is not only the heart of the campaign but also evidence of good teamwork: the script and look are from Kontrast, while the animation was implemented by our friends at Crysuqare, exemplary and in-time – a dream!