Ahead of time with new impulses

01 Alulux MockUp Logo
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Alulux is one of the leading German companies in the field of roller shutter systems, external venetian blinds, screens and garage doors.
In the course of a re-orientation of communication, a market-oriented brochure series, starting with front-mounted roller shutters, is to be developed for customers as well as a modern corporate design. The challenge is to bring together the wide range of printed material for the corresponding target groups in a compact way and to reflect the innovative development of the company in a contemporary redesign of the brand.


First, we redesigned the Alulux logo and gave the company a refreshed brand image. In a second step, the existing literature concept was analysed and optimised.
Front-mounted roller shutters are considered low-interest products, as they are less interesting as a design element for architects, for example. The combination of expressive photos and 3D representations of the products using CGI technology gives the brochure a new look with a powerful design. This generates a higher level of attention so that customers can be addressed in an even more targeted manner.


Alulux develops high-quality, future-oriented products that are ahead of their time. This must be expressed in communication tailored to the target group. Our redesign of the current logo and optimisation of print communication positions the Alulux brand as an innovative quality company with which the end customer always makes the right choice.