Take: one smartphone.



After the relaunch of ClubRATIONAL, the communication platform for professional chefs, with a responsive design for an optimized display on all types of device, the next logical step is an app for club members.


We develop a web-based app for the two most widely-used operating systems, iOS and Android. The ClubRATIONAL app grants chefs access to recipes, events, contact persons and much more. Especially practical: Chefs can call up the recipes they need while at work with just a few taps on their screen or be inspired by new tips. All content is taken from the existing ClubRATIONAL internet portal and optimized for display on mobile devices. This way, no additional expenditure is incurred when the content is used.


Alongside strengthening customer relations, above all there is a positive impact on the RATIONAL image. Because the technological leadership of the company is also demonstrated by the added value of a well-designed mobile app that is relevant to a chef’s daily routine on the job.