DC Aviation




New regulations are introduced for non-commercial operators of complex motor-powered jets and helicopters, to be in force from the end of August. But not all private individuals and businesses with fleets of aircraft can comply to such complicated regulations.
For this reason, DC Aviation decides to send out a mailshot to inform a select target group that DC Aviation is not only in a position to offer consulting services, but can also ensure 100% compliance of the Part-NCC regulation for its customers. Thanks to the mailing, the client companies were able to get in touch with DC Aviation right away.


Creation of five different concepts for a mailshot that differentiates itself from others in terms of design and haptic quality. After the client had chosen a concept, we further developed and fine-tuned it. Texts were formulated and creative solutions were implemented. The result was a distinctive mailing with an integrated fold-out map that immediately caught the eye. Additionally, a business card from the respective contact partner was held in place in the mailing by a sticky dot, giving the target group easy access to pertinent contact details. The mailing was printed in three different languages and sent to companies in Germany, France and Switzerland.


The mailshot offered the target audience the opportunity to get in touch with DC Aviation directly. This resulted in new possibilities for personal contact – which was met with positive feedback from our client.