Krewel Meuselbach


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Krewel Meuselbach GmbH can look back on over one-hundred years of tradition. A reconstruction process for the family-operated pharmaceuticals company with production facilities in Germany was begun in 2015. Since January 2015 KrewelMeuselbach has been proud to present the visionary new orientation of its firm.
The task at hand now is to communicate this innovative market position through the external appearance of the company as well.


Kontrast creates and implements a completely new corporate design for KrewelMeuselbach. This image now runs through all levels: the brand logo, corporate fonts and colour world, visual language and tonality.
We produce a training video for internal use to help the employees at KrewelMeuselbach familiarize themselves with the new look; additionally a staff incentive is launched.
The newly-defined look & feel is implemented on the business stationery and all advertising materials both on- and offline. Additionally, Kontrast develops ideas for branding the company building.


By 1 December 2015 the visionary, fresh look & feel of the medium-sized pharmaceutical company headquartered in Eitorf near Cologne is in place. The new corporate logo fuses the two company names in a closed unit – a symbol for the merging of two strong traditional pharmaceuticals experts: Krewel and Meuselbach. The new colour scheme embodies on the one hand the growing phyto-competence of KrewelMeuselbach, and demonstrates their extensive know-how in classic synthetic preparations on the other.