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1 OBI TZ Beileger
2 Technik Einleger
3 Kuechen Beilage


Every day OBI provides millions of households with their newspaper inserts. Additionally, the individual OBI markets advertise their respective local offers. Kontrast is commissioned with creation of these inserts, as well as the regional advertising media. Producing the inserts is an especially complex task involving a long production cycle and many last-minute changes, having to respond flexibly to offer availability, competition pricing and other last-minute factors.


We design and produce all the standard and special inserts with 6 to 64 pages – from the first layout to coordination of product shootings and including creation of print templates. Additionally, we distribute the accompanying advertising media with everything from 18/1 posters and banners to ads and flyers.


The machinery for creating the inserts runs like clockwork and the leaflets are also printed under immense time pressure. And they are an inspiration to thousands of fans of home and garden improvement at German breakfast tables. Additionally, we provide every store with custom-designed advertising tools for their own promotions.