Insert in BILD.

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Vodafone promotes hardware and tariff offers countrywide. This includes everything from top-of-the-line smartphones to phase-outs, from tablets to TV and DSL offers. Kontrast is responsible for the creation and production of the newspaper inserts implemented here.


We handle all aspects of the conception and production of the monthly 8-page brochure. We adapt parts of the umbrella campaign in the layouts, and at the same time we also develop our own mottos and key visuals. From the briefing to the final printing and mailing of the media it takes approx. two weeks. The timing is tight and the briefings change during the process, as availability of the offerings and reaction to activities of the competition necessitate the highest level of flexibility.


The brochures are inserted in the entire circulation of BILD newspapers, i.e around 2.5 million copies. Another 250,000 leaflets are put on display in Vodafone shops. The immense reach and pronounced hard-selling strategy lead to a significant boost in sales.