1280x720 KEUCO IXMO print
1280x720 KEUCO IXMO1
1280x720 KEUCO IXMO2
1280x720 KEUCO IXMO3


IXMO is an innovative range of bathroom fittings from our client KEUCO. IXMO components combine functions in fewer components than conventional fittings. They also provide a number of newly-developed features that allow for easy and exact installation. To provide a simplified explanation of the complexity behind it, Kontrast is commissioned with developing a DPS brochure – as always including the print version.


In keeping with the motto “Weniger kann mehr” (less is more), we present the engineering, features and design of the IXMO series. Kontrast provides the technical and content-based concept, design, texts, photography, 3D animation and programming – all from a single source.


The brochure gets to the heart of complex engineering in a comprehensible way. The design is illustrated with high-quality animation. Retailers and craftsmen and also end users receive a medium that provides added value for sales, installation and purchase decisions.