Gut Bruchhausen, fertigrasen

Greener pastures.



Gut Bruchhausen, a specialist for lawn turf for a wide range of uses, would like to have a completely new website. It is to be on the cutting edge of technology and creativitiy, with a responsive design, i.e. optimized for viewing on mobile end devices.


We develop an up-to-the-minute one page site. In order to achieve the most striking and uniform photography, we decide not to use stock photo material but rather have our in-house photographer take all the pictures.


The website places the product undeniably on centre stage, creating a luminous, refreshing green look. And navigation of the one-pager is just as easy, quick and convenient as using pre-fab turf. The diversified content is even easy to find on smaller smartphone screens. Therefore, the new website reflects the convenience of Gut Bruchhausen’s lawn products perfectly.