Flower Power with a plan.



It takes perfect planning to plant your balcony so beautifully that it makes you neighbours jealous. To support customers with their balcony designs, OBI commissions Kontrast with the conception and implementation of a digital balcony box planner, to be integrated on the website of the DIY market leader.


We develop a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which enables users to compose their desired planting scheme with photographs, using drag & drop. The user has a choice of balcony box type, size and colour and can then add any combination of plants. At the same time a shopping list is generated, to which additional related products can be added, such as potting soil. We base the application on HTML 5 so that it can be adapted for mobile iOS devices in a later phase.


Do white fuchsias and red climber geraniums go well together? Starting now, visitors to the OBI website can find out with just a couple of clicks. The application is announced with a teaser on the index page and has been widely used since day one.