Johnson & Johnson

Eye-catcher at the shelf.

Olynth Anzeige
Olynth Packung


Johnson & Johnson wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the nasal sprays segment with its ever-popular Olynth® brand. Therefore Kontrast is commissioned with the development of a special edition packaging as well as accompanying communication measures.


Olynth® is known as “Germany’s family nasal spray” and in families it’s all about the children. Kontrast develops a packaging design for the special edition, which differentiates itself from ordinary designs with its cheerful scribbles. The special edition launches with an accompanying PoS deco, a tag-on in the Olynth® TV commercial, advertisements and sell-in materials.


The children’s drawings are a hit among the audience. The Olynth® special edition becomes a favourite choice for pharmacy display shelves.