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Since 2006 we have been lead agency for KEUCO, a market leader for high-quality designer bathroom fittings and furnishings. In all the years we have been working together, this client has repeatedly surprised us with exciting innovations. This time it was their cooperation with Austrian solid wood furniture maker Team 7. The two companies join forces to bring a luxury bathroom concept to market. The furnishings are made of high-quality natural wood and are custom-made for each individual customer. Kontrast is charged with developing an equally exclusive brochure.


Kontrast delivers edition names, a brochure concept, photo shoot, text and layout – all from a single source. The one-of-a-kind character of EDITION LIGNATUR is acknowledged in the form of stories that tell about the making of the products.


The storybook character with professionally executed product photography invites every reader to keep turning the pages. The refined brochure made of natural paper with embossing on the cover and shortened pages inside reflects the high quality of the EDITION LIGNATUR line. For the perfect combination of sense and sensuality in its project for client KEUCO, Kontrast was awarded not one but three prizes – the Berliner Type Award, the prize of the German Designer Club and the German Design Award.

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