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VNC 01


Professional chefs are under immense time pressure every day in their kitchens and at the same time must keep an eye on their individual tasks and stations. RATIONAL AG wants to provide relief to chefs who use their appliances – with an app that enables them to maintain an overview at all times, no matter if they are in or out of the kitchen.


We design and realize an iOS app that enables access to cooking appliances within a WLAN, using VNC technology. The appliance’s display can be viewed on an iPhone or iPad, where all important functions can also be controlled. The app offers the possibility to individually manage appliances and groups of appliances. Therefore, the app is just as useful in small kitchens with only one appliance as it is in big kitchens with several appliances in different spots.


Chefs can keep an eye on the live display of their appliances and, using the app, can control all important menu options directly. This way they are always aware of the current degree of doneness – and gain valuable time for food prep work and presentation of their creations.