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FRIMA stands for the superior technology of cooking appliances in commercial kitchens. The launch of a new website is to provide a central platform for all pre- and after-sales information for customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Additional goals are increasing user time on the site and multiplying return quotas, as well as intuitive and fast site navigation and a modern user experience.


We design a whole new website. This includes the technical basis, definition of the content including its graphic design and preparation, as well as the user experience. The technical concept incorporates the client’s orientation towards the FirstSpirit enterprise content management system, and takes into account the customer’ needs, which are, among others, reflected in a responsive implementation.


The goals for the predefined content and technical requirements are met and even exceeded. The editors are highly motivated in their work, thanks to the versatile tools and fully integrated image processing. Increases in user time on the site and return quotas are checked and followed up together with the client at intervals of 3, 6 and 12 months. Initial results are not yet available.