Charles Vögele

Efficiency is the new black.

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Charles Vögele is a Swiss fashion company, with a Holding which comprises about 760 subsidiaries in 7 countries: Swiss, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary. Kontrast was commissioned to create the ideal framework for an efficient marketing process.


By providing an integrated platform, Kontrast allows the entire marketing process with all its processes to be managed centrally, as well as to be organised smoothly, efficiently and productively. Kontrast is responsible for the production, coordination of all arrangements and development of individual solutions in order to operate time and cost efficiently - with the ideal combination of strategy, creation, production und technology.


The cooperation on a shared platform leads to an increase in efficiency of about 33%. This improvement leads to clearly more effective campaigns. One of the key success factors is the holistic approach, in which as many partners (Agencies and Suppliers) as possible are integrated.