ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

Compelling but complicated.



ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe (TKSE) is involved in an epic project: “Die Bibliothek der Technik” (library of technology), a series of technical journals which to date number over 360 books. The edition contributed by TKSE devotes itself to hot-forming methods for flat steel. It not only sounds complicated, it is complicated, and for that reason it was important to have aesthetically pleasing graphics in the journal to visualize the complex technical facts. Kontrast is assigned the task of implementing the graphics.


Based on a wide range of different diagrams and pictures from countless TKSE presentations, white papers and similar documents, we create a uniform style for the tables, information graphics and process visuals. In close collaboration with the engineers from TKSE – since technical correctness and comprehensibility are just as important as uniform style – we develop around 50 completely new graphics.


The book about hot-forming steel assumes its rightful place in the series of “Die Bibliothek der Technik”. And TKSE now has at its disposal a wealth of info graphics, which can also be used to create a compelling look in presentations and other media.