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The market for compulsory healthcare companies is undergoing dramatic change. In the competition for new members, AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, the second-largest AOK in Germany, positions itself through special services and benefits.
As a creative agency with many years of experience in matters pertaining to health insurance, we are in charge of the continuation and evolution of the integrated campaign we had already created. A microsite is to be realized for expanding media presence, specifically designed to actively involve the target audience and suitable for achieving viral spread via Facebook.


Under the motto “Nie mehr ohne …” (never again without…) our campaign testimonials announce their satisfaction with special AOK offerings. On the microsite under hashtag #NieMehrOhne, user-generated content is contributed in the form of photos and texts, which are then posted on a social wall. The contributions illustrate the users’ personal “never again without” moments relating to all aspects of health. With several consecutive sweepstakes flights, which are also promoted on Facebook, we boost participation in the promotion. Additional communication channels include radio spots, billboards, CLPs, digital info screens, ads and intensified communication in public buildings.


The AOK communication is well received by the target groups, as substantiated by the increased volume of inquiries about special offers. With the accompanying social media activities, the campaign reaches a wide audience. The microsite registers high traffic volumes and hundreds of users post their “never again without” moments on the social wall.