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Schmitz-Werke with its markilux brand is among the well-known manufacturers of awnings in Germany. In the scope of a redesign of the communication tools, the objective is to present the products in a new way with a focus on integration in buildings. The challenge lies in illustrating adequate buildings for the various product designs, price segments and target groups.


To lower costs for location searches and shootings, Kontrast develops 3D illustrations of buildings using CGI. Even markilux products that currently only exist as design drawings or prototypes are rendered in 3D for the advertising toolbox. Kontrast also supplies digital image processing, final artwork, design and copy for the first advertising materials in the new look.


Thanks to the 3D images, the markilux portfolio can be presented in a very flexible, high-quality and target group-specific way. Costly location searches and shootings are a thing of the past.