Better than new.

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Schöning originally specialized in repairing defective pumps and transmissions in the food, pharmaceutical and beverages industry, but at the same time overhauling them to an extent that made them better than new. In the past few years, the company has evolved into a developer of machinery and a holistic service center. Our goal is to communicate this to their target groups more explicitly than before.


Kontrast advises Schöning on the development of new services and a complete reorientation of their communication. The core medium is a website based on CMS SilverStripe, including an innovative navigation. All of the content can be reached with a maximum of two clicks from the index page. The minimalistic navigation enables a generous layout and space design that differentiates the site from the norm – just like Schöning itself.


Schöning successfully implements the new services and positions the firm with confidence as a challenger in the market. The company increasingly distinguishes itself as a developer and service partner for the most important manufacturers.