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The desire of the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg for a sustainable communication and creating more awareness among potential customers made us come up with the idea of a content marketing campaign. It’s not about an on / off campaign but about a strategic, constantly ongoing presence in the target group. AOK Rheinland / Hamburg asked us to develop and implement a content marketing campaign linking print and online assets.


Based on the customer portal "vigo", we developed the strategy of the campaign and implemented all advertising activities that lead to this portal. From 18/1 posters to Native Ads. Measurability takes place via KPIs, which are anchored at certain measuring points of the customer journey. Benchmarks are defined. In this way, ratings can be made and learnings can be generated. The new campaign strategy combines image, customer benefit and range with content. True to the motto "Sell without wanting to sell". We reach our goal to position the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg as a caretaker, navigator and companion in the target group’s mindset. The campaign currently spans more than half a year with larger and smaller flights to ensure constant exposure to the target group.


In the main flight of just four weeks, we were able to achieve 48% increase in profitability and gain 25% efficiency compared to the previous year's campaign. In addition to this increase, we were able to instantly gain clear strategic insights into the customer approach, which meant that the traffic generated by the campaign outperformed organic traffic outside of the campaign's time frame.