1991 - 2020

A short narrative of a long success story


Contrast scores with budget gains: the Koehler Paper Group assigned Kontrast to develop its new CD/CI for its new Flexible Packaging Paper division and we are proud to create the new look for the paper of the future.

HUAWEI expands its cooperation with Kontrast with further fields such as mobile services and retail visualization. A wide-ranging influencer-campaign is created to activate their own in-apps and the new shop displays.

We are accompanying our long-standing customer KEUCO with the launch of the "Feel the light" product range. From the conception of the photo shoot, to the design of the product brochure and online presence.



For years, we have cultivated a close cooperation with censhare AG. In May, this leads to a conclusive majority stake in Kontrast for the software company. As opposed to many other acquisitions and investments, this merger is not driven by sales but rather focusses solely on solutions.
Kontrast and HUAWEI hit it off. We acquired the world's second largest manufacturer of smartphones and mobile devices. From now on Kontrast creates communication solutions for PoS, out of home and mobile phone operators.



The year is off to a strong start: shoe4you is won as a new customer! We will be producing four of their main catalogues for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Much rejoicing in April: After a challenging pitch we win the Evonik account. The task is a global rollout of the newly-formed Coating Additives business unit, which is a merging of three existing departments into one.

Another highlight in May: Goschfriends celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a fabulous evening at the Eigelstein restaurant.

August: The new Rational website goes online. Everything from conception to final realization lies in our hands. The innovative and extremely user-friendly navigation is a particular highlight.

Excellent work pays off. This applies to our client Keuco in particular. With the coffee table book on their “Edition Lignatur”, we are nominated in three categories for the German Design Award. In the end we win in the category “Books and Calendars”. Yes!



Last year was marked by our move: And in the process, we've changed much more than just our address. Since December, we have been located at Plange Mühle 5 in Düsseldorf's Media Harbour, where our employees with their agile approach can work out even more creative, networked and outstanding solutions. Since then we have been working in complete, agile teams, each of which is organized around customer groups. All relevant competencies such as creation, consulting, strategy, final artwork, EBV or IT form a team that can develop holistic and customized solutions for the respective clients without hierarchies but with a high degree of flexibility.



Integrative solution agency.

Our positioning stands: Kontrast will be the ultimate integrative solution agency for customers with the most diverse challenges across all channels.



Web Video Award

Kontrast is a partner of the European Web Video Academy (EWVA) and sponsor of the 3rd Web Video Award, the German “Oscar for online films”. The awards ceremony on 25 May 2013 in the Capitol Theater, attended by 1,000 guests, was a sensational success.

All eyes on video

In response to the steadily growing demand for video services, Kontrast establishes a subsidiary of its own – “Grown” – for the production of web clips, product videos, and corporate and image films.



Kontrast invites clients, colleagues, partners and friends to the NRW-Forum to celebrate with them the 20th anniversary of the agency.



We expand our competencies in the areas of social media and mobile applications. Our first iPhone apps launch successfully.



We establish a Planning Unit and keep on growing.



Our portfolio meanwhile also includes such services as outsourcing and the programming of complex backend applications.

This step takes us over the threshold of a classical agency portfolio. Consequently, the agency is repositioned and the name is changed to Kontrast Communication Services.



Changing the company name from Kontrast Druckvorlagen GmbH to Kontrast GmbH marks our transformation from a printshop for templates and artwork to a full-service communication agency.

Substantial investments in expansion of our media-neutral business provide a solid foundation for our repositioning.



Joachim Fischer, supported by eight employees, founds Kontrast Druckvorlagen GmbH.