Last year was marked by our move: We moved out of the old and into the new. And we changed way more than just our address.

First off, the new cubical structure was introduced in our organization in April. Since then we have been working in complete and integrated teams organized around each client group. All relevant competencies such as art, consulting, text, final artwork and tech each form a cube, which can develop holistic and customized solutions for each customer without hierarchies, but with a high level of flexibility.

The restructuring has paid off, because we have gained significant new business in 2016. For example, we were able to win over such clients as Evonik, Alulux and Charles Vögele with great ideas, lots of passion and outstanding creativity.

In the summer came the next step of adjusting our organization to meet market requirements by consistently relying on ‘agile@Kontrast’. Five teams are entirely converted to an agile work methodology. Including the support of coaches who accompany us along the exciting path to becoming an agile agency: Depending on the project structure, scope and timing we work either in accordance with the Scrum or the Kanban method. The advantage: maximum efficiency and transparency, the highest level of flexibility and continuous quality optimization.

After moving out of our old comfort zone and into a new organization and position, the physical move followed in December:

Since 9 December our offices are situated at Plange Mühle 5 in Düsseldorf’s Medien Hafen, where our 140 employees are able to develop even more creative, networked and outstanding solutions with an agile approach in 5 storeys of offices with open-plan flair and industrial design.

Plange Muhle 3